Alan Berger
Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Alan M. Berger is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he teaches courses open to the entire student body. He is founding director of MIT's P-REX lab, a research lab focused on environmental problems caused by urbanization, including the design, remediation, and reuse of waste landscapes worldwide. All of his research, teaching, and practice emphasize the links between urbanization and the loss of natural resources and growth of waste, to help us better understand how to proceed with redesigning intelligent outcomes. Alan’s research spans a wide interdisciplinary range, including: sustainable cities and suburban forms, urban planning for autonomous mobility, resilient urbanism, growth boundary landscapes, reclamation of ecological systems, and stormwater wetland design. Unlike conventional practice, there are no scalar limits in his outlook or pedagogy: Projects are defined by the extent of the urban and environmental problems being addressed. He coined the term “Systemic Design” to describe the reintegration of disvalued landscapes into our urbanized territories and regional ecologies.
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